Welcome to italian visa application center

Dear applicants,

Starting on November 18th, 2021 to the VMS Visa Center will be admitting the applicants only, and such persons are obliged to provide one of the below indicated documents (the rule touches the applicants starting 12 y.o.)
Vaccination full course confirmation against Covid-19, the last shot of which was made not later than 14 days before the Visa Center visiting with one of the recognized by the EU-countries vaccines. A “Diia” or Covidpass apps QR-codes or vaccination books are required.
Covid-19 recovery confirmation: A positive PCR test performed at least 28 days and a maximum of 6 months before the Visa Application Center visit. 
Covid-19 negative test result: The testing should be performed in the laboratory by rapid antigen testing (not earlier than in 48 hours) or PCR testing (not earlier than in 72 hours).

The above indicated rules have no exceptions. Confirmation of antibodies, self-tests, etc. are not recognized.


  • The Schengen visa requests (tourism, transit, business etc.) of the Ukrainian citizens, who don’t yet have the biometrical passports and those of the foreign citizens, residing on the territory of Ukraine, can be applied to the subdivisions of the Visa center in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, according to the normal procedure.


  • According to the agreement of the  committee of the Schengen countries cooperation in Ukraine starting from 11 of July 2017 any  Schengen visa requests from the Ukrainian citizens possessing biometric passports are no longer accepted.  Applicants possessing biometric passports also cannot apply for a visa into passports of old type (non-biometric).


  • Nation-wide information campaign on the rules and benefits of visa-free travel to the European countries launches today www.openeurope.in.ua


  • The submission of documents for all Schengen visas to the Visa Center can be performed by previous appointment. In order to book an appointment click here or call (+38) 044 364 15 65 (Monday – Friday, timings 8.30 – 18.00). Clients can submit documents at any branch office regardless of the registration address.


  • The documents can be submitted without making an appointment from 9:00 to 12:00 in case of available slots. This option is provided only for applicants submitting documents in the Kiev Italian visa center.


  • For the purpose of more effective service and time-saving all applicants are kindly advised book an appointments in advance and to come for the document submission at the appointed time.
    Due to security reasons we do not allow applicants to be accompanied with friends, relatives or acquaintances. However, one family member is allowed to accompany hearing-impaired / physically challenged / minors applicants.


  • In visa center, as a security measure and for the purpose of providing effective work, using mobile phones and electronic devices is not permitted. Mobile phones should be switched off during the whole period of stay in  the Italian visa center.