Subordinate work



To make an appointment for this visa type, please send a copy of the first page of the passport to e-mail with subject “Confirmation of Nulla Osta”


The “subordinate employment” visa type is issued for the entry and short- or long-term stay of foreign citizens, who are being summoned to Italy with the purpose of subordinate employment, for a definite or indefinite period.

This visa type is issued to housemaids, nurses, seasonal workers, highly qualified staff, directors, university lecturers and professors, researchers, translators, probation workers, hospital attendants, foreign citizens, working in show business industry. This visa type is provided given the employment authorization (Nulla Osta), issued upon the employer’s request. For the purpose of the visa issue the United Immigration Service sends the authorization (Nulla Osta) to the Diplomatic Representation in electronic form.

The authorization (Nulla Osta), issued by the United Immigration Service, is not required in a number of cases: for seamen and cruise liner personnel, sportsmen. The latter could be issued a visa only upon the presence of the confirmation from the National Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.), issued for the applicant’s name, for the conduction of the activity, including the amateur organizations. In case the sportsman is underage, besides the trip consent from parents or tutors, necessary for the entry of minors to the territory of Italy, with any purpose, there should be provided the consent from the Olympic Committee and the consent, issued by the authorized Territorial Labor  Administration (Direzione Territoriale del Lavoro).

We inform our clients that an applicant should use the Nulla Osta authorization with the purpose of the visa issue during six months from the date of issue in case the requests are applied in frames of a quota for the recruitment of the foreign labor power (art. 22 and 24 of the law 286/1998) or during four months in special cases, specified in art. 27.

1. THE APPLICATION FORM  with 2 photographs

(color photos on white background, 3,5×4,5 sm) filled in by hand with block letters in English or Italian languages in each column. The form must contain the full home address, telephone number, city code and the personal signature of the applicant on pages 3 and 4 of the application form.
The sample of the application form can be received free of charge at the Embassy, Italian Visa Center or downloaded from the Embassy or our website Application form for Schengen visa (C-type).  Application form for National visa (D-type)

ATTENTION! While registering the appointment for the documents’ submission through our site,  you simultaneously fill in the application form, that can be printed after the registration procedure.

2. An applicant can provide a simple copy of a notification, issued to the applicant by the United Immigration Service in Italy, concerning the fact that the AUTHORIZATION (NULLA OSTA) has been issued for him.


• An international passport and copies of all its filled pages. The passport should be valid at least three months after the visa expiration period and it should be issued not earlier than 10 years ago (Art. Visa Code 12). There should be at least two blank pages in the passport left (for a visa and border crossing stamps). Passports with an extended validity period are not accepted.
• All other international passports: valid (and copies of all pages), and expired (and copies of all filled pages).
• The internal passport and copy of all pages.


The presence of all mentioned documents by no means makes the visa issue obligatory or automatic.
The Diplomatic or Consular Mission reserves the right to request additional documentation.