“Student” visa with the purpose of the professional degree acquirement


1. APPLICATION FORM with 2 photographs

(color photos on white background, 3,5×4,5 sm) filled in by hand with block letters in English or Italian languages in each column. The form must contain the full home address, telephone number, city code and the personal signature of the applicant (on pages 3 and 4 of the application form).
The sample of the application form can be received free of charge at the Embassy, Italian Visa Center or downloaded from the Embassy or our website   (Application form for Schengen visa (C-type),   Application form for National visa (D-type)).

2. DOCUMENTS PROVING the professional degree course enrollment

lasting for not more than 24 months, solely organized by the Italian educational organizations, accredited according to the regional legislation. The interested organization should document its right for the conduction of the course.
Accreditation – is the document in which the competent regional authorities – in accordance with the regional laws and regulating instructions, specified in the agreement between the country and regions, dated 20.03.2008 – acknowledge the right of the state and legal or private establishments to propose and conduct the community trust educational programs or courses.

3. DOCUMENTS proving that the professional degree course is connected with the previous applicant’s education,

received in the country of origin.

4. PERSONAL FINANCIAL GUARANTEES which are to cover the whole period of stay in Italy:

• AN INTERNATIONAL BANK CARD (the original and a copy), and the original of the BANK CERTIFICATE (valid within one month) confirming the state of the client’s bank account (in any currency), his/her Surname, Name, Patronymic, the card number and the account balance.
In case of submitting the embossed international bank card the ATM receipt (valid within three days) can be applied instead of the bank certificate

 BANK CERTIFICATE (valid within one month) confirming the balance of the client’s bank account (without a card) active for at least last 3 months, and ACCOUNT ACTIVITY for the last 3 months;

• The originals and copies of TRAVEL CHEQUES;


issued by the INA-Assitalia insurance company for medical treatment and hospitalization during the stay in Italy (for study reasons) for one year (except short-stay courses),


in case if it is not possible to submit the abovementioned document, issued in Ukraine the eight-day health insurance with 90 days corridor can be submitted. In this case the applicant is obliged to obtain insurance in INA-Assitalia company for the whole period of stay in Italy upon arrival.


INVITATION LETTER OF THE NEW SAMPLE in original or copy (which can be downloaded at the following links):

  • https://italy-vms.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/lettera_di_invito_-_dichiarazione_di_ospitalit_-_corretto_2016.doc

signed by the citizen of Italy or the foreigner legally residing in Italy and THE COPY OF THE ID DOCUMENT OF THE INVITING PERSON with clearly visible his/her personal data and signature. The following documents are accepted:

• a passport or an ID document (carta d’identita) for the citizens of Italy (copy),
• a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno/carta di soggiorno) for foreigners residing in Italy (copy).

HOTEL RESERVATION with indicated address, telephone numbers of the hotel, period of stay, names and surnames of ALL applicants.
original and copy of the official CONTRACT OF TENANCY and the confirmation of the rent payment. The renter must provide his/her ID document.
If the applicant plans to stay in other Schengen countries as well – the corresponding hotel confirmations must be applied.

Please, consider the following:

Except for the aforementioned requirements, if the visa request is submitted for with the purpose of attendance of the educational courses or reception of the professional degree in medical sphere, which provides for the further medical activity, the visa issue also depends on the prior acknowledgement of the educational diploma by the Ministry of health care. If the further medical activity is not meant to be conducted, the authorized representative of the medical organization should provide the certificate proving this fact for the Diplomatic or Consular Representation.


with fixed dates (the one-way ticket reservation is accepted for the long-term visa request) in case of travelling by plane, train or regular bus.

OR In case of traveling by car the following documents are necessary:

• the original and a copy of the vehicle registration certificate,
• the original and a copy of the «greencard» insurance,
• the original and a copy of the driver’s license,
• if the vehicle is rented, the original and a copy of the vehicle rent agreement.


• An international passport and copies of all its filled pages. The passport should be valid at least three months after the visa expiration period and it should be issued not earlier than 10 years ago (Art. Visa Code 12). There should be at least two blank pages in the passport. Passports with an extended validity period are not accepted.
• All other international passports: valid (and copies of all pages), and expired (and copies of all filled pages).
• The internal passport and copy of all its filled pages.


All documents in Ukrainian or any other language (excluding English or Italian), except for the internal passport, must be submitted with the average translation into English or Italian languages without notarization or translation bureau stamp. The translation can also be performed by a translation agency or by any other specialized organization.

The presence of all mentioned documents by no means makes the visa issue obligatory or automatic.
The Diplomatic or Consular Mission reserves the right to request additional documentation.