Minor citizens under the age of 18 (Tourism and Transit)

Minor citizens should submit documents only accompanied by parents (or one of them).

1. APPLICATION FORM with 2 photographs

(color photos on white background, 3,5×4,5 sm) filled in by hand with block letters in English or Italian languages in each column. The form must contain the full home address, telephone number, city code and the personal signature of the applicant (on pages 3 and 4 of the application form). If the applicant is under age the form must be signed by one of the parents or tutors.
The sample of the application form can be received free of charge at the Embassy, Italian Visa Center or downloaded from the Embassy or our website.

2. INVITATION LETTER OF THE NEW SAMPLE in original or copy (which can be downloaded at the following link):


signed by the citizen of Italy or the foreigner legally residing in Italy 
and THE COPY OF ID DOCUMENT OF THE INVITING PERSON with his/her personal data and signature:

 a passport or an ID document (carta d’identita) for the citizens of Italy (copy),
• a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno/carta di soggiorno) for the foreigners residing in Italy (copy).

In case when the accommodation address differs from the one of the inviting person – the inviting part should apply documents confirming the ownership or rent of the appartment (copy).

For relatives, except all above mentioned, the originals and copies of documents proving family connection should be also applied (certificate of marriage, birth etc.)

For close relatives of the citizens of Italy (residing in- or outside of Italy) and the European Union – residents of Italy
the document proving family connection is to be issued in no more than 6 months before the submission of the visa application.

Relatives of the EU, EEA and Swiss Confederation citizens (married couple, children up to 21 years old or ascendants – parents) are excused from the necessity to submit documents confirming their social and economic status, means of subsistence, medical insurance or transport.

For close relatives of the EU citizens-non-residents of Italy
The marriage certificate proving the family connection is to be apostilled and issued in no more than 6 months before the submission of the visa application.
The international marriage certificate (if such can be issued in the country of residence of a EU citizen) does not require the apostille and remains valid within 6 months from the date of issue.

HOTEL RESERVATION with indicated address, telephone numbers of the hotel, period of stay, names and surnames of ALL applicants.
original and copy of the official CONTRACT OF TENANCY and the confirmation of the rent payment. The owner must provide his/her ID document.

If the applicant plans to stay in other Schengen countries as well – the corresponding hotel confirmations must be applied.

3. The original and copy of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE with translation.

If the parents’ surnames mentioned in the birth certificate differ from the present ones – the documents confirming the surname change must also be applied.

4. Original and copy of the NOTARIAL EXIT PERMIT

for the whole period of the child’s abroad trip on behalf of the parent who IS NOT accompanying the child during the single-entry trip. If you plan to apply for a multiple entry visa, the notarial exit permit should be executed by both parents for the whole visa request period.

The exit permit should contain the following information:
• that the child is traveling abroad to Italy,
• travel dates,
• personal data of the accompanying person according to the internal passport.

If the minor’s visa is requested to be placed in the mother’s/father’s external passport, the minor’s data should be inscribed in this passport with the photo obligatory.

Starting from 10 of October 2013 the notarial exit permit for touristic visa doesn’t require an apostille ONLY IF THE PERMIT IS REGISTERED IN UKRAINE or in ITALY if a person resides there.

In case of the absence of one parentOTHER ACTS OF CIVIL STATUS (in original and copy) must be applied instead of an exit permit:

• If one of the parents was deprived of parental rights, the corresponding court decision which is valid within 6 month from the issue date, must be applied (otherwise it should be confirmed by the court body before applying for visa);

• The original and copy of the court decision (valid within 6 month from the issue date) declaring the parent is missing can be applied (otherwise it should be confirmed by the court body before applying for visa);
• If at the child’s birth the father’s surname was registered according to mother’s word the extract from the state civilian status acts’ birth register (valid within 6 month from the issue date), where the information on father is registered according to the part 1, art. 135 of the Family Code of Ukraine must be applied.

• If one of the parents is dead the death certificate in original and copy must be applied. The original is returned back to the applicant after check.



• sealed, signed and dated  EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT CERTIFICATE (the permit of the educational establishment confirming the absence from the lessons must be submitted if the visa is requested during the academic period). The certificate is valid within one month.

7. PERSONAL FINANCIAL GUARANTEES (provided by a parent or an accompanying person which are to cover the expenses of the whole period of stay in Italy):

BANK CERTIFICATE (valid within one monthconfirming the balance of the applicant’s non-card bank account, active at least for the last 3 months, and the ACCOUNT ACTIVITY CONFIRMATION for the last 3 months;

AN INTERNATIONAL BANK CARD (original and copy), and the original of the BANK CERTIFICATE (valid within one month) confirming the state of the visa applicant’s bank account (in any currency), containing his/her Surname, Name, Patronymic, card number and the account remaining balance. In case of submitting the embossed international bank card the ATM receipt (valid within three days) can be applied instead of the bank certificate;
Originals and copies of TRAVELLER’S CHEQUES;
Original and copy of a BANK GUARANTEE (fidejussione bancaria) issued by the Italian banking or insurance authority;
NOTARIAL LETTER OF SPONSORSHIP executed by the third person (citizen or resident of Ukraine) with indication of a trip dates; and a copy of the internal passport (filled pages) and personal financial guarantees of the sponsor:
• embossed bank card + ATM receipt;
• unembossed bank card + bank certificate with the full name of the sponsor, remaining balance of the account and card number;
• current account: bank certificate confirming the remaining balance + the account activity during the last 3 months.

The notarial letter of sponsorship is not required in case a married couple, children and parents or grandparents with grandchildren are travelling together.  Copies of documents confirming financial guarantees and family connection (certificate of marriage, birth etc.) must be provided to family members.


(original and copy), issued in Ukraine and valid throughout the territory of Schengen countries. The policy must cover all the period of stay in Italy + 15 days corridor. The minimal amount of insurance coverage is 30,000 Euro.
Health insurance can be purchased directly at the Italy Visa Сenter.


with fixed dates in case of travelling by plane, train or regular bus.

OR In case of traveling by car the following documents are necessary:

• the original and a copy of the vehicle registration certificate,
• the original and a copy of the «greencard» insurance,
• the original and a copy of the driver’s license,
• if the vehicle is rented, the original and a copy of the vehicle rent agreement.


If a child travels with the mother and / or father, who has A VALID SCHENGEN VISA, this parent’s passport, a copy of the page with his / her personal data and a copy of the visa, which validity is the same or longer than the child’s visa, must be applied.


• An international passport and copies of its filled pages. The passport should be valid at least three months after the visa expiration period and it should be issued not earlier than 10 years ago (Art. Visa Code 12). There should be at least two blank pages in the passport left (for a visa and border crossing stamps). Passports with an extended validity period are not accepted.
• All other international passports: valid (and copies of all pages), and expired (and copies of all filled pages).
• The internal passport and copy of its filled pages.


 All documentation in Ukrainian language, except for passports, should be translated into Italian or English without notarization or translation bureau stamp. The translation can also be performed by a translation agency or by any other specialized organization.

 The presence of all mentioned documents by no means makes the visa issue obligatory or automatic.
Diplomatic or Consular Mission reserves the right to require additional documentation.