Document requirements for the “FAMILY MOTIVES” visa for the family reunion with EU citizens

The national D-type visa for the family reunion with the EU citizens, specified in the art. 2 of the Legislative Decree N.30/2007, has been cancelled.

That is why the applicants intending to reunite with their close relatives – EU citizens, may apply for the  short term multi visa category C with the period of stay of no longer than 90 days. In order to stay for more than 90 days the relative of the EU citizen has to apply to the competent Quaestorship with the request of the residence permit issue, to provide documents specified by the art. 10 of the Legislative Decree 2007 and to perform the administrative registration procedures at the Commune.

Article 2

Terms and definitions

According to the present Decree there used:

a) “EU citizen“: any person, citizen of the EU member-state;

b) “relative“:

1) spouse;
2) A partner, who has concluded an agreement with the EU citizen, whose union was registered in accordance with the legislation of the member-state and the adherence to the following conditions:
- the legislation of the receiving member-state equates the registered union with marriage
- the union has been concluded taking into account the adherence to the correspondent legislation of the receiving member-state;
3) close relatives-descendants aged till 21 y.o., or the ones supported by one of the spouse or partners (it. “b” art. 2);
4) close relatives-ascendants, supported by one of the spouse or partners (it. “b” art. 2);

c) “Receiving EU Member-stateEU member state the EU citizen heads to with the purpose of exercising his/her right for free movement or residence.