Frequently Asked Questions

What type of visa can be requested at Italian visa center?
Our Visa centers accept applications for all types of visas.
D-type visa requests could be submitted either to Visa Center, or to the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine (Kyiv city, 32 b Yaroslaviv Val st.). To set the appointment for documents submission to the Embassy of Italy in Kyiv city, send an e-mail to the Visa Department of the Embassy of Italy

 When documents for the visa issue can be submitted?
Documents for the visa issue can be submitted not sooner than 6 months and not later than 10 days before the beginning of the planned trip (categories “Study” and “Work” – not later than 30 calendar days).

How much time it takes to get a visa?
The documents processing term for touristic, business, transport and transit visas makes 10 calendar days (except the submission day); for visas type “Study” and “Work” not less than 30 calendar days.

Should the inviting person verify the invitation letter for the touristic visa at the Italian administrative bodies?
No. It will be sufficient for the inviting person to print the invitation letter sample from our web-site, fill it in, sign it and send to the applicant in the original.

 Is the hotel reservation from the web-site sufficient?
Yes. It will be sufficient in case if it is confirmed (with indicated address, telephone numbers of the hotel, confirmation number, period of stay, names and surnames of ALL applicants)

Is it obligatory to pay for the hotel and tickets in order to apply for a visa?
No. It will be sufficient to provide the tickets and hotel booking reservations only, without the preliminary payments. Please note that these booking reservations must be true and valid for the period of your application examination at the Consulate.

 We plan to travel with a child. Is it necessary to submit notarial exit permit from parents?
In case of the short term single-entry visa apply and if the trip will be held in the company of both parents the notarial exit permit is not necessary.
In case of the multiple entry visa apply the notarial exit permit should be executed by both parents for the whole visa request period.

Is it obligatory to insert child’s photo in mother’s/father’s passport if the child is over 5 years old?
Yes. In case if the child’s data is inscribed into mother’s/father’s passport his/her photo should be inserted in this passport irrespective of age.

 Should documents be submitted personally?
Yes. Applicants should submit documents to the Visa center personally.

 Should the minors be present at the Visa center during the documents’ submission?
If you apply the child for the Schengen visa of the tourism category, the presence of the child under 12 years old is not obligatory (one of the parents has the right to submit the documents).
If you apply for the national visa – family motives, the presence of the child under 6 years old is not obligatory (Since 3 of July 2017 all D-type visa requests must be submitted directly to the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine (Kyiv city, 32 b Yaroslaviv Val st.)

 Which documents should be submitted with the translation? Into what language it must be done?
All documents in Ukrainian except for the passports, must be submitted with the translation into English or Italian languages.

 What is the necessary amount of the financial guarantee for the multiple entry visa?
If you apply for the multiple entry visa of the tourism or business categories for the period of 90/180 or more, the amount of the financial guarantee is fixed, and makes 2 717 Euro (for 1 person).

 What should be the validity period of the external passport?
The passport must be valid for at least 90 days after visa expiration date.

 If I plan to make several consecutive stays in various Schengen States, which country should the documents be submitted in?
An applicant has to apply for a visa at the Consulate of the country of main destination (where applicant intends to stay longer). If the itinerary is planned in such a way that there would be several consecutive stays of the same length in various Schengen States, an applicant should apply to the Consulate of the Schengen country of the first entry.

Which countries belong to the Shengen Area?
The countries of the Schengen Area are: Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Malta, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Greece,Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, Iceland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France.

Should the application form be printed in two or four pages?
The application form may be printed in several ways. Two pages when printing on both sides of the paper, 1 page of the paper A3 series or four pages by using only one side of the paper.

Is it possible to get back the visa/service fee in case of a visa denial?
No, the visa and service fees are non-refundable

 What is the currency of the visa/service fee payment?
The visa/service fee should be paid in hryvnia (UAH).

 Could “Temporary certificate of citizenship” (certificate of the person who is in the process of Ukrainian citizenship obtainment) be presented as the document that confirms residence in Ukraine?
Yes, this document is acceptable as the confirmation of the residence in Ukraine.