The Visa Department of the Embassy of Italy in Kyiv informs that on 23 of June 2015 Italy and other Schengen countries applied the visa informational system VIS in Ukraine (and other countries of the Eastern partnership). Starting from that date all Consular representatives of the Schengen countries in Ukraine joined to the VIS system. The main change for the citizens of Ukraine, starting from 23 of June 2015, shall lie in the fact that applicants will have to come to the Embassy of Italy or to the one of the Italian Visa Center branch offices (in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv) in person by the previous appointment for the documents submission and in order to submit their biometric data (fingerprints of the ten fingers). This is a quite simple and easy procedure. It especially deals with the applications for the short-term Schengen visas (with the maximal stay permit of 90 days in every term of 180 days). The provided biometric data shall be stored at the VIS system during 5 years. It means that there will be no necessity to submit the biometric data during the 5-year term again, if there will be no doubts in the visa applicant’s individual. The following categories of citizens shall be released from the obligation to submit their fingerprints:

  1. Children under 12 y.o.;
  2. Citizens, physically incapable of submitting the fingerprints;
  3. Heads of States and members of the national governments (as well as the members of their official delegations and their husbands / wives), if travelling with official purposes.

In practice it means that the documents submission procedure for Applicants applying for a visa to the Embassy of Italy or to the one of the Italian Visa Center branch offices in Ukraine shall take some additional minutes, starting from 23 of June 2015. This time is required in order you could provide your personal biometric data. All other procedures (particularly visa fee, application form) remain unchanged.

The previously issued Schengen visas (before the implementation of the obligatory fingerprints scanning procedure) shall remain valid till the end of its validity period.

We also recommend you to familiarize yourself with the detailed information on the new system, published by the European Commission.

The more detailed information can be found (in English language) on the disclaimerfactsheet disclaimer and poster web-sites.