Additional service

The Italian Visa Center offers optional services for the convenience of the applicants:

- International medical insurance

You can order the medical insurance policy for people leaving abroad directly at the Visa Center (except for individuals past 75 y.o.)

  • the cost of the medical insurance policy makes approximately 0,5 euro per day for individuals aged from 14 to 65 y.o. For individuals of 0-13 and 66-75 age categories the insurance cost shall be higher due to the exceeding rate of calculation. You can find out the final cost of the insurance from the employee of the Visa Center along the documents’ submission;
  • the policy issue takes no longer than 5 minutes;
  • there is the possibility to choose the amount of the insurance coverage within the bounds of 30 000 to 100 000 euro;
  • except for the standard insurance programs there are special programs for extreme sports lovers;

the payment of policy is made in UAH according to the NBU rate of exchange at the moment of the conclusion of the agreement.

 - Documents’ photocopy
The photocopy price is 3 UAH per copy.

- Visa standard photography service
You can make your visa photo directly at the Visa Center. The service price is 60 UAH for 6 photos. This service is available in Kiev office only.

- Courier delivery
You can order your passport delivery to any mentioned address. The payment is made at the time of the agreement signing and makes 100 UAH.

- SMS notification
Receive an update via SMS once the passport has arrived at the Visa Center.  The price of the sms service is 20 UAH.

Translation of standard documents
While submitting your documents at the Visa Center you can order the translation of standard documents into Italian or English language. The translation, made by the Visa Center, will be automatically added to your documents’ set. It will be also sent to your e-mail address. The price is 70 UAH per page.

Filling-in the Application form
Receive assistance to fill entirely your Visa Application Form at the Visa Application Center according to the documents provided.
The price is 75 UAH for one set of the application form (4 pages). This service is available in Kiev office only.

Documents’ printing
The price for printing of documents (application form, invitation letter etc.) is 3,50 UAH per copy.
Please, keep in mind that the electronic devices document printout is not available.
In order to print a document you may send it to our e-mail DURING THE SUBMISSION.